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Hi Saity

Please give yourself an avatar.

I gave you one but you clearly don't like it ... but it is required to have one.


Welcome Michael

Hope you enjoy the Forum.

Can you tell us where you found out about our Forum ? Also - which team you follow.

Most of all - have fun and let me or Rabbits 21 Rabbits 21 callmack1 callmack1 know if you have any issues.


Welcome TM

Hope you enjoy the Forum.

I see you are part of a site elsewhere - can you tell me something about it before I fully approve your membership here (ie your posts can be seen by others).

Rules: we have a few rules - no rude/crude language or trolling. And no defamatory/blasphemous words.

And strictly - NO Advertising of any sort.

Let me know if you cop any crap and/or need help with any thing - eg avatars etc.
Hi. Welcome. Please feel free to post on any subject - and EXPLORE the Forum. We have many other sites than just footie. Cricket, afl, baseball etc etc.

Very simple rules - no trolling or deliberately upsetting posts. Keep the language within bounds. Southy can help too Southy southsport and/or callmack1 callmack1

Hi - welcome to the forum. Let me know if you have any issues - good or bad :)

We have few rules - treat everyone in a polite and respectful way - no trolling or foul language. And have fun. Post as often as you like - on any subject. Try to stick to the threads - or open a new one - we have them on EVERYTHING.

SJ - Mod.
having an issue with "attachments". for thread posts. Select a JPG for example and it shows a grey outlines box with a line though the "attachment" and a "oops error" message when you try to post your message only your actual written message shows on the post.
Welcome mate. Please feel free to post in any of the Forums. No real rules - just keep it friendly/happy & no libel, foul language or trolling :) Let me know if you need to know anything eg how to set up an avatar. Or just ask one of the others.

The "system" picked up all the names and link in your first post and put it in the Mod queue for me.

Cheers - SJ (MOD)
Welcome aboard billy boooyieee!! Who needs Zero Tackles when you have Zero Trolls and Zero Dictators!
Welcome aboard billy boooyieee!! Who needs Zero Tackles when you have Zero Trolls and Zero Dictators!
Welcome aboard eels47. On this site ZT stands for "Zero Trolls". Enjoy!
Welcome aboard Pedro. There is a lot of vocal support for both our clubs on this site and ZT = "Zero Trolls", forgive the pun. Everything is quite a bit different but give it time, there is a lot of potential and a growing membership of genuine fans of the game. I'm looking forward to more "ZT exiles" arriving before much longer. Enjoy!
NRL fantasy comp posted in NRL forum.. private conversation me for more info..
Welcome Alan - may you post on any and all subjects - as you please.

We have members from Oz, NZ and UK. Some days are busier than others But feel free to ask questions if you're not sure.