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Feb 2, 2013
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Numbers overall a bit slow for this time of the year the past 15 days. Comparing to last year numbers I don’t think we will match what we did last year!

We are easily beating 2020 numbers though

Yes - I feel we have picked up over the past few years.

I've been culling members - ie making sure we keep real names. We had quite a few "names" that must have snuck in years ago.

Current Membership is 270 - with possibly 30 who post on a regular or semi regular basis. Many others who merely come and read - which is their decision.

Well done to all who make the forum a success - Rabbits 21 Rabbits 21 and callmack1 callmack1 Southy Southy - and a happy place to be. I've been on sites where they argue and bicker all the time. We seem to escape that. Thanks to our longer term members - stanleyg stanleyg TerryGaines TerryGaines Rod Rabbit Rod Rabbit and Mr Sharky - and all the new guys.

wilco wilco is right in that we have lost 2 or 3 good people - Moto, Rads and ALX. Even Bazza ... ;) But we have gained quite a few others - quite a few.

So - on balance we are progressing nicely in an age where these sites are slowly disappearing.

Over 17 thousand threads - over 200 thousand messages - and nearly 300 members. We can't be all that bad :)

Rabbits 21

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Feb 6, 2018
Through 213k took 17 days our slowest in a long time.
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