News Winter Olympics 2022


WLF "Member of the Year" 2021
Jan 13, 2020
Well I for one thought it was great, really enjoyed it. Great job from the Aussies, our most successful winter olympics ever. Jakara Anthony's gold was awesome as was Tess Cody's and Scotty James's medals but for me my favourite moment from an Australian perspective was Jackie Narracott winning silver, our first sliding medal ever, considering we don't have a sliding centre in Australia and we were up against the Germans who have 4 it was a massive effort. As someone that follows the Bobsleigh and Skeleton I thought she would do well, maybe top 10 but I wasn't expecting a medal. Look out for Bree Walker in the Monobob at the next Olympics she will be a massive medal chance.
So yeah, I really enjoyed. If you really want to you can look for negatives, but personally I don't like to let it get in the ways of the positives.