Auto Poster Will Hope: Swinton Lions forward angry at ambulance wait after serious injury

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Apr 23, 2013
Will Hope played for Ireland at the 2017 World Cup

Swinton forward Will Hope says he waited for three hours for an ambulance while in "agony" with serious leg injuries sustained in Sunday's Championship match against Sheffield.

Hope, 25, suffered a broken leg, dislocated ankle and torn ligaments.

When an ambulance did not arrive, he said he was carried by team-mates onto the team coach which took him to hospital.

Hope has asked for the RFL to address the issues he experienced.

BBC Sport has contacted the Rugby Football League and Yorkshire Ambulance Service for comment.

Hope posted on Twitter: "To be treated like that, with my foot facing the wrong way for up to five hours because I 'wasn't a priority' is disgusting and I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy.

"I cannot describe the agony I was in and the anger I still feel about the whole situation.

"If it wasn't for everyone at Swinton Lions, I'd probably still be laying on that stretcher in the corridor waiting for an ambulance.

"I'm sure if it was a Super League game, it would be different. It's actually laughable how bad it's become.

"The whole of Swinton Lions and Sheffield Eagles have been fantastic, I can't thank them enough. As well as everyone at Salford Royal Hospital - they've been brilliant."

Swinton chairman Andy Mazey added: "These athletes put bodies on the line for people's entertainment.

"I have communicated with the RFL operations team and (RFL chief executive) Ralph Rimmer and hopefully measures can be put in place to avoid this happening again."

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