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Feb 11, 2018
Taranaki, New Zealand
Shane Richardson resigns from the position of Rabbitohs General Manager of Football:

Shane Richardson resigns to give Rabbitohs financial relief:

Very sad news today that Richo has stepped down from his role due to the Coronavirus. He is stepping down to help cut costs at the club and try to save others at the club from losing their jobs. He will stay involved with us in a consultant role

What an absolute legend. That is the definition selfless. I just can't describe what an incredible act that is from Richo to give up his position like that to help the club. It really is an incredible gesture and I tip my hat to him.

At the same time. I'm pretty gutted. Richo was such an important person at our club and played a vital role in many things so it's a big blow for us. I know he was leaving at the end of next year but it's a bit of a blow to have it happen sooner.

I just want to thank Richo for what he's done for our club. He has been here for so long and really is South Sydney through and through. He is the heart and soul of our club. I had the pleasure of meeting him in NZ in 2018 and he's a great bloke. I was blown away at the time he had for us, we chatted for probably about fifteen minutes. Say what you like about him but I have no doubt that if he wasn't at our club, we wouldn't have broken the 43 year drought in 2014 and we certainly wouldn't be where we are today. Very saddened to see him go but glad that he will still be involved with the club on a part time basis. I have full confidence in our succession plans so hopefully we have someone worthy to step into his role.
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Feb 6, 2018

Mark Levy interviews Richo.

A very good interview and Mark Levy also a Bunnies fan nailed it in thanking Richo on behalf of all Bunnies fans at the end of the interview for all he’s done for Souths as we wouldn’t be where we are today without him and also for this sacrifice he’s just made for the club.

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Feb 6, 2018
Incredibly selfless gesture': Russell Crowe's tribute as Souths boss Shane Richardson resigns

By Andrew Webster
March 26, 2020 — 1.20pm

South Sydney football boss Shane Richardson has sensationally resigned to lessen the financial burden on the club in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

Richardson informed coach Wayne Bennett and the rest of the football department on Thursday morning, having spoken to co-owner Russell Crowe earlier in the week.

Days before resigning, Rabbitohs’ general manager of football, Shane Richardson spoke to Fox Sports about the sport needing to 'recalibrate' to survive.

He will continue as a consultant but the move effectively ends his 17-year association with the Rabbitohs after coming to an agreement with chief executive Blake Solly earlier this week — just days after the NRL season was indefinitely suspended.

"The reality is, over the next 18 months, we have to run a really tight ship in Club Land," Richardson told the Herald. "In business, you don't start at the bottom, you start at the top, so I took a close look at what I'm doing. I said to Blake that it will help make a difference if I go.

“We’ve already made the hard decisions standing people down. Blake and I have worked out what we will look like when we start playing again. If you take me off the top, it will leave a lot more money for the people down below.”

Richardson had intended to leave Souths at the end of next year, when his contract ran out, but he has expedited his departure after standing down most of the football club staff because of the indefinite suspension of the season.

He joined the club from Penrith in late 2003, nursed it through troubled times before Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court bought the club in 2006, and then guided the Rabbitohs to an emotional premiership in 2014, their first in 43 years.

He then shocked everyone at Redfern when he joined the NRL as the head of game development before returning to the club as general manager of football just a year later.

In recent months, Richardson has butted heads with chairman Nick Pappas, who admitted in an interview with the Herald last month he had offered Richardson an early termination of his contract.

Asked what role the fallout with Pappas played in his sudden departure, Richardson said: "Nothing. Honestly. I went to them this time. The last time was completely different and it should have been handled differently. I never lost respect for Nick and I told him that. But this is my decision. People will say this and that. But it's the truth."

Crowe paid tribute to Richardson, saying the 2014 premiership would not have happened without him.

"Quite simply, without Shane’s focus and input during the decade leading up to the 2014 premiership win, that victory would not have happened," Crowe said. "Such is his vital contribution.

"Shane has made an incredibly selfless gesture on behalf of South Sydney. It’s something I’ve come to expect from him, he always puts the needs of the club first in everything he does.

"We’ve always worked well together, even if we weren’t in agreement, and that really has been the key to our relationship. Momentum. Moving towards goals. Not allowing the smaller stuff to get in the way of the larger prize.

"We’ve had a great system whereby whenever either of us have felt we need clarification, we sit, usually over a beer, and we talk for however many minutes or hours it takes to get a consensus. There’s probably no one in the game I have a higher respect for.

"We’ve known each other a long time now and started the battle to lift the fortunes of the club together in 2006. We came up with the simple business plan based on the clubs past history and players and pushed everything towards its two principles."
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Feb 6, 2018
Burgess v Richardson: How South Sydney’s Cinderella story was shattered
Paul Crawley , The Daily Telegraph

March 27, 2020 7:29pm

Bunnies blow-up: Did Shane Richardson get a payout?
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A broken relationship between Shane Richardson and Sam Burgess has shattered South Sydney’s Cinderella story in a dramatic aftermath to Richardson’s shock resignation this week.

The Saturday Telegraph can reveal that Richardson and Burgess have barely spoken since Burgess finished playing in last year’s finals series and it is believed this was a catalyst to Richardson’s decision to walk away from the Rabbitohs.

On top of that, it is also understood the bust-up has directly led to a distancing between Burgess and club owner Russell Crowe.

There are also claims that despite Richardson’s plea to “stop the greed” from within the game, the veteran administrator is expected to receive a significant payoutas part of his resignation package. That figure is speculated to be in the vicinity of $320,000, or six months of Richardson’s salary.

These claims have unsettled staff and players at the club in a climate where everyone’s next pay cheque could be their last.

The rest of the Rabbitohs’ football and coaching staff, from Burgess and Wayne Bennett down, have been told their pay is only guaranteed until next week.

Even the players are only getting one month’s wage guaranteed.

South Sydney chief executive Blake Solly would not reveal if Richardson received a payout: “To be honest with you, it is confidential. I can’t say anything. That is part of the agreement between Richo and the club.”

Told that sounded like Richardson did get a payout, Solly said: “I can’t comment.”

Richardson maintained this week it was his decision to leave to alleviate financial stress during the coronavirus shutdown and that he was not pushed out.

There is no denying that it came after months of bad blood festered beneath the surface.

But it boiled over yesterday when Braith Anasta, on Fox League’s new morning show, raised the issue if Richardson had received a payout.

Interestingly, Anasta was sitting beside Burgess, who made no attempt to defend his former general manager of football.

Burgess did not want to comment when contacted on Friday but Anasta stood by his comments.

Anasta had said if Richardson received a payout, “it kind of contradicts” his heavy criticism of the NRL and calls to “stop the greed”.

Richardson said in a text message: “I have said all I want to. I am now a free man.”

Told that Anasta had questioned if he received a payout, Richardson responded: “Why does that not surprise me.”

Perhaps that related to the fact Anasta is the nephew of Rabbitohs legend George Piggins.

It is understood at the core of the Burgess/Richardson fallout is that Burgess felt Richardson didn’t offer him enough support as he struggled with injuries towards the back end of his career.

There was also a heated row just before last year’s semi-final loss to Canberra after Burgess was suspended the previous week.

Burgess was livid at comments Richardson made on his behalf over those “kangaroo court” remarks Burgess had directed at the NRL judiciary.

Although Richardson appeared as though he was only trying to calm a volatile situation that was brewing with the NRL, Burgess took offence and confronted him over it.

At that point, their relationship was heading on a downward slope and it never recovered.

Burgess also felt Richardson didn’t support him through his medically-forced retirement after that and that there was a lack of respect shown for the damage caused to his body over many years.

As part of Burgess’ entitlements, he was to receive all his contract money worth more than $3 million.

But he genuinely felt unwanted. When Burgess could sense his broken relationship with Richardson was never going to mend, the gloves came off.

The pair has since barely spoken, if at all.

While Richardson maintained it was his call to stand down this week, what was also worth noting on Fox League yesterday was Burgess also queried the timing of Richardson’s departure, coming in a period when the club could have used his administrative experience.

“I don’t know exactly the ins and outs of it because on Tuesday morning Shane addressed the whole football department,” Burgess said. “I know he was the GM of football there so that was his role. However, we spoke about what the next six months, four weeks, eight weeks, three months might look like and sacrifices we might have to make, myself included, of standing down without pay, and two days later a bit of a change (of direction).”

Braith Anasta has been critical of Richardson. Picture: Tracey Nearmy/Daily Telegraph

Burgess said there was “no inkling” Richardson’s resignation would come the next day.

Burgess said “obviously Shane is a very sharp operator” and he thought Richardson could have been “dominant” in helping the Rabbitohs survive the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is funny, who knows what is going on,’’ Burgess said. “I will stay out of it.”

But Anasta didn’t let it go: “No mention of whether he took a payout or not.

“But there is a lot of talk about ‘I’m leaving for the best interests of Souths and the game’, which if he didn’t take the payout that is honourable and it is spot on. But if he has taken a payout, then it kind of contradicts the whole point in my opinion. But I suppose we might find out about that, we may not.”

I have stuck to my guns the whole time about Richo. He is nothing more than a greedy man. Something didn’t add up when I first heard he was leaving the club to help other staff members cope through this difficult
Time. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out Richo.


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Feb 6, 2018
So instead of Sam getting a $3,000,000 payout, he decided to get payments of $300,000 each year for 10 years. Well I don't know if that will be happening now. I would have just taken the $3,000,000 and then maybe tried to get another job with the club. I wonder if he is regretting his decision now.