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Apr 17, 2013
Dylan Walker’s imminent return is the first major blow to the NRL’s new crackdown on player behaviour, with Manly demanding the star centre become available for next weekend’s clash with Cronulla.

Walker was found not guilty of pulling his fiancee Alexandra Ivkovic to the ground by her ponytail following a fight over a PlayStation. Walker was the second player banned under the game’s ‘no-fault' stand down policy and hasn’t been able to play since being charged last December.
The court found it unable to sustain proof of guilt despite numerous witness statements.
The court instead relied on he said she said.
He said he didn't do it.
His girlfriend retracted a lot of her initial statement (probably didn't want to lose her meal ticket) and a lot make retractions so she isn't alone.

The beak said 7 witnesses while good well meaning people were obviously mistaken so.....NOT GUILTY.

For him its back to footy and Manly need him sooner than later.