Preliminary Finals Wk 3: Penrith Defeat South Sydney

Morehead St

Aug 7, 2020
Congratulations to all of the Penrith team and supporters. You thoroughly deserved your victory over my team last night. Although we had a chance to snatch victory during the closing stages, that would have been - though a happy event - an injustice as you were the better team and as you also bombed about 18 points during the game.
Our blokes were sluggish, while you were full of spark. The number of attacking tackles employed by you that forced our runners back 3-5 metres was a telling feature of the match: it showed who was more willing to go the extra yard.

I will be supporting you next week for many reasons - but four that stand out are:
1. You have developed your juniors - that is a real club and district team. Like the old days.
2 - You are minor premiers, and there is always a faint sense of cruelty when the MPs do not take out the GF.
3 - You play a sparkling brand of footy - like Souths - that I like to watch.
4 - I don't like Melbourne, not just because of their grubby style, but also because I feel they are favoured by too many in position of influence.

Go the Panthers!
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Feb 2, 2013
Time Traveller
Yes . I like to see the Minor Premiers make the big one. Especially after all the wins.

I'll be going for them too - which may not be good for them ... ;)