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Apr 17, 2013
This covid is a blessing for Andrews. Socialists love to order people about an it distracts a lot from his political troubles
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Apr 17, 2013
Black Lives Matter is ‘based on a lie’

Black lives Matter but ALL lives matter.
The BLM movement is very selective in which black lives matter to them.

over 20 million blacks
number of deaths involving police?......9 to 15 depending on how you want to fudge or interpret stats.
Number of blacks killed by shootings mostly black on black....7500
number of shooting incidents involving blacks?....80%
Incidence of police involved with black offenders?... so high its off the scale because police work in economically challenged black areas with HIGH crime rates...mostly committed black on black.
However they march in the street , burn and loot over the death of a violent drug addicted .....
They then with "democrat" consent form their own "autonomous " zones and then guess what?
the first person to die in there is a BLACK and he was SHOT.
No police involved and police denied access to investigate

Australia the crime and death rate is similarly represented just not involving firearms
Black on black violence? very high especially domestics
a woman murdered by her brother, four young kids kill them themselves in a car but no outrage however marches in the street over the myth that police and correctional places are deliberately killing them.
You commit crime you should be expecting to answer for it but the answer according to the BLM and our GREENS is for police to be defunded or at least turn a blind eye to it.

This mornings umbrage is a mural painted on a wall in a redfern lane over the memory of TJ HICKEY and it depicts a police car on fire so authorities painted over that provocation and rightly so.
No one likes to speak ill of the dead but young TJ was far from a saint who tried to run from police...crashed his stolen bicycle , killed himself and its classed as a Death by COP.
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Apr 17, 2013
Funniest Liberal Meltdown of 2020 (so far)
The Democrats and their Antifa army ( a but like labor GET UP here) are playing all those BLM protestors for the break.
Its all to better Bidens election chamces sadly and a lot of people are paying the price.

The Seattle "autonomous zone or CHOP?
FIVE shootings in two weeks and a Democrat Mayor is allowing it
so far two people have been shot dead within it, at least one being black.
Three others including a 14 yr old kid have also been shot but havent died ..at this point.

Down in St Louis calls to defund the police demands are public documents and the protestors didnt like some being named and shamed (its ok for them but not to have it done to them).
The result? they marched en mass to the Mayors house ( who was elected on law n order after her hubby was shot dead in front of her and her kids in a car jacking)
They smashed down historic cast iron gates to a private property gated community and stormed down a private street threatening anyone out the front.
One owner and his wife brought out their firearms and warned protestors off their property.
Guess who was on the Bullhorn stirring the protestors on?
Yes a DEMOCRAT representative.

Down in Florida an old bastard support of trump with a golf cart parade was subject of abuse and ridicule by anti trumper democrats.
If you looked at the Video the abuse was coming from a black man ( unless it was a white man with a well tanned arm) so the old bugger in one cart gave him a "white power" to keep him happy.
Needless to say that is all the fake news was interested in.biden 1.png


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Feb 6, 2018
They want the police gone or weakened so their far left wing mobs are in control and can kill or hurt those who think differently to them. This is why people should have firearms for self-defense.