Rugby League Parra - New Signings, Departures and News.


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Feb 2, 2013
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Big win to Parra 26 - 14 Rabbits.

It is SOO but these wins still count.
Gould says they still have a long way to go - but you can only beat the team you play.

I'm impressed in how they've gone so far.


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Apr 11, 2016
Apparently not willing to make him a decent offer ? What a way to lose such a stalwart !
Mannah for the last 2 years isn't great but for off the bench he had an impact. charging forward - fuck the! The problem with eels for 5 + years - their forwards are crap. The only good forwards are Brown, Mahoney (to small really but he tries his best) & Lane. Paulo isn't the best front a English front rower and halve the cost. Parra has been fucking up for years. Moses is worth $450 grand not 900 k to 1 million. He's a second rate Halve....alright club footy player. But Brad Arthur is a mug - saying to the board Moses is worth it. Even though Gutho wanted him but not many clubs wanted Gutho anyway.
Eels are doing the same shit (over and over) We won't make the eight. This year and maybe next year! I had a bet today with an supporter (he reckons the eels will make the 8) IDIOT! Only $100..but it's money in the bank. Broncos will carve the eels up this weekend after the loss.