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Apr 17, 2013
The NRL can move their Grandfinal wherever they like but Vlandys should keep in mind.
NSW are building a very good stadium at Moore Park.
They still have ANZ.
NSW stuck by the NRL during covid when they could have just done like other states and shut it down which would have sent it to the fiscal wall of insolvency

There isnt any $800 million for the NRL .
It was spent supporting covid action including housing all those foreign or RETURNING travellers from other states as well as propping up our own infrastructure like trains etc with few passengers.

Thats why the ANZ rebuild is not going ahead.
I do not agree with the "centre" of excellence idea for Kogarah oval and there is something shonky about the whole deal given lack of actual parking and poor train service to the local station.
I would rather see that money spent at Panthers BUT isnt it privately owned by the club? whereas Kogarah is a Council property.

The NRL wasted a lot of money under D Smith paying over the top salaries to a bloated NRL staff whenit should have been investing its own grounds that it plays at.
Cronulla may have sold its soul to a developer but it got them out of debt and their ground is being refurbished at their own inititiative
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