Rugby League National Schoolboys 15 Years Results


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Apr 3, 2013
National Schoolboys 15 Years Results

25/06/2013 11:09:43 AM

Results from the Australian 15 Years Championships held in Canberra.
Day 1
Game 1: Victoria 36 (Josh Paaka 2, Nic Flocas, Bowen Tigafua, Romia Roi, Xavier Faoa, Andrew Telea tries; Dylan Veatewhare 4 goals) defeated South Australia 6 (Kayne Hancock try; Koby Skiorski goal)
Game 2: Western Australia 32 (Tamba Lebbie, Jared Spencer, Samuel Hutcheson, Tane Waikari-Graham, Wirihana Huriwai, Jayden Hocking tries; Jayden Hocking 4 goals) defeated Northern Territory 12 (Rein Moyle, Jason Stevens tries; Blake Fletcher 2 goals)
Game 3: ACT 26 (Andre Niko, Jake Notaras, Christopher Shingles, Nick Cotric, Sam Burge tries; Nick Cotric 3 goals) defeated Queensland White 20 (Hisiu Fabilia-Hicks 2, Len Ikitau, Quinlyn Cannon tries; Gerome Burns 2 goals)
Game 4: NSWCCC 28 (Kobi Hookey 2, Lachlan Lam, Christian Poutua, Raymond Maroun tries; Jonah Metuangaro 3 goals) defeated NSWCHS 6 (Alvin Maungaati try; Adam Campbell goal)
Players of the Match-
VIC 11 – Timothy Merritt (Hallam Secondary College)
SA 9 –Tyler Black (Craigmore High School)
WA 6 –Jayden Hocking (Aranmore Catholic College)
NT 13 –Corey Kurnoth (St Johns College)
Qld White 13 –Sam (T High School)
ACT 1 – Nick Cotric (St Mary Mackillop College)
QLD White 5 – Hisiu Fabila-Hicks (T High School)
NSWCCC 11 – Brodie Jones (ASC St Joseph’s, Lochinvar)
NSWCHS 9 – Adam Campbell (Picton High School)
Day 2 results
Game 1: Northern Territory 30 (Caisen Power 2, Isaako Teuati, Rein Moyle Blake Fletcher, Jason Stevens tries; Blake Fletcher 2, Corey Kurnoth goals) defeated South Australia 18 (Kayne Hancock 2, Cameron Anderson tries; James Huntley 2, Tyler Black goals)
Game 2: NSWCIS 22 (Daniel Lotu, Tyrone Taukamo, Jaya Yoannidis, Thomas Angel tries; Thomas Angel 3 goals) defeated ACT 6 (Daniel Keir try; Nick Cotric goal)
Game 3: Queensland Maroon 12 (Kalyn Ponga, Zane Willshire, Tommy Sa’u tries) defeated NSWCCC 0
Game 4: Western Australia 20 (Tyler Lee 2, Wirihana Huriwai, Samuel Hutcheson tries; Jayden Hocking 2 goals) defeated Victoria 14 (Ratu Talemauakuva, Niall Hargreaves, Dylan Veatewhare tries; Dylan Veatewhare goal)
Players of the Match-
NT 1 – Jason Stevens (Casuarina Secondary College)
SA 7 – Kai Lackner (Christies Beach High School)
NSWCIS 12 – Cameron Murray (Newington College)
ACT 11 – Jake Notaras (Melrose High School)
QLD Maroon 15 – Zane Willshire (Saint Marys College, Toowoomba)
NSWCCC 19 – Samuel Radovu (Patrician Brothers College, Blacktown))
WA 12 – Brody Whitehead (Churchlands Senior High School)
Vic 13 – Jarred Faale (Thomastown Secondary College)


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Apr 3, 2013
Queensland celebrates title success

2/07/2013 2:53:14 PM

A tenacious defensive effort paved the way for Queensland’s stunning success at the Australian 15 Years Championships held in Canberra.
The Queensland team capped off a strong campaign with a determined 26-12 win over NSWCHS in the Championship Final last Friday.
Queensland manager Steve Cameron said the Maroons conceded just five tries in four games.
“The team had four extremely tough games over five days in very difficult playing conditions,” Cameron said.
“However, the boys were relentless and kept turning up for each other.”
Queensland fullback Kalyn Ponga (Anglican Church Grammar) was named Most Valuable Player in Pool A.
He was one of five Queensland players named in the Australian Merit team.
Championship Final
Queensland Maroon 26 (Apiata Noema, Kalyn Ponga, Gehamat Shibasaki, Michael Carroll tries: Sean Garner 2, Hayden O’Hara goals) def NSWCHS 12 (Matthew Atchison, Heath Gibbs tries; Adam Campbell 2 goals).
Pool A Most Valuable Player of the Championships:
QLD 1 – Kalyn Ponga (Anglican Church Grammar)
Pool B Most Valuable Player of the Championships:
WA 6 – Jayden Hocking Aranmore Catholic College

Australian Secondary Schools Pool A Merit team
1. Kalyn Ponga (QLD Maroon)
2. Nick Cotric (ACT)
3. Christian Poutoa (NSW CCC)
4. Amaziah Slavin (NSW CHS)
5. Tyrone Taukamo (NSW CIS )
6. Lachlan Lam (NSW CCC)
7. Will Kerr (NSW CCC)
8. Giordan Patea (NSW CHS)
9. Brent Woolf (QLD Maroon)
10. George Francis (NSW CHS)
11. Sean Garner (QLD Maroon)
12. Syd Smith (QLD Maroon)
13. Reuben Cotter (QLD Maroon)

Australian Secondary Schools Pool B Merit team
1. Jason Nicholls (WA)
2. Jason Stevens (NT)
3. Tyler Lee (WA)
4. Samuel Hutcheson (WA)
5. Dylan Veatewhare (VIC)
6. Jayden Hocking (WA)
7. Callum Cook (VIC)
8. Bowen Tigafua (VIC)
9. Tyler Black (SA)
10. Tre Meunier (WA)
11. Jared Spencer (WA)
12. Brody Whitehead (WA)
13. Corey Kurnoth (NT)