Auto Poster Marwan Koukash: Ex-Salford Red Devils owner reveals plans for Liverpool-based club

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Apr 23, 2013
Marwan Koukash relinquished control of Salford Red Devils in January 2018 after five years as owner of the Super League club

Former Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash hopes to form a new rugby league club based in Liverpool.

Koukash relinquished control of the Red Devils in January 2018 after five years as owner of the Super League club.

He and two other businessmen have plans for a new stadium and a newly-formed club, which they hope could enter the league structure in 2021 or 2022.

"There is a lot of groundwork to be done but we intend to do it from ground zero," said racehorse owner Koukash.

"We are in discussions with the council and we've got options on a ground, which I think will end up being in the Sefton area.

"We're going to build a new ground and get started as soon as we can.

"We're open to starting in League One, or the alternative maybe is we are told by the Rugby Football League that it might be easier to buy an existing club and re-brand it."

Super League side St Helens and Championship Widnes are both within a 15-mile radius of Liverpool, but there is no professional club in the city.

Koukash bought financially-troubled Salford in January 2013 and passed on control to a not-for-profit holding company, writing off the debts owed to him by the club.

Speaking to the Press Association, Koukash added: "I'm a great believer in big brands and I think it would be fantastic to have a team like Liverpool playing a team like Leeds on television.

"That would have a massive influence on people because, while St Helens-Wigan was a fantastic game, people automatically think it's a town sport."

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