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Rabbits 21

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Feb 6, 2018
Brett Morris and Victor Radley would have been good for backup.
They were always only going to pick one of Murray and Radley and clearly Murray was the better of the two!

Not taking anything away from Radley though he’s been very good this year and deserves his spot in the junior Kangaroos.


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May 2, 2013
Sunshine Coast
Broncos forward David Fifita has been awarded the captaincy of the Junior Kangaroos after a breakout NRL season with Brisbane.

Storm halfback Brodie Croft has been made the team's vice captain.

Junior Kangaroos
  1. Ryan Papenhuyzen (NSW)
  2. Campbell Graham (NSW)
  3. Brian Kelly (NSW)
  4. Zac Lomax (NSW)
  5. Reuben Garrick (NSW)
  6. Kalyn Ponga (QLD)
  7. Brodie Croft (QLD)
  8. Corey Horsburgh (QLD)
  9. Reed Mahoney (QLD)
  10. Thomas Flegler (QLD)
  11. David Fifita (QLD)
  12. Angus Crichton (NSW)
  13. Victor Radley (NSW)
  14. AJ Brimson (QLD)
  15. Nat Butcher (NSW)
  16. Emre Guler (NSW)
  17. Tino Fa'asuamaleaui (QLD)
  18. Gehamat Shibasaki (QLD)