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Feb 2, 2013
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Well, I dunno...

Been reading the Wigan fans' page on fb, and of course they are all up in arms about it. But if it had been an Aussie with his fingertip on the ball, would they think it was a try? In the NRL it would have been chalked off eight times out of ten I reckon, with the on-field ref saying no-try. And, to be fair, in real time nobody even thought there was a chance of a try.

England went into their shell a bit in the second half and stopped playing. Combined with a desperate, but ultimately successful substitution by Sheens, bringing on Hunt for Thaiday, which worked really well. i don't like Sheens but he deserves credit for that. Meanwhile McBanana kept danger man Clark off the pitch for much of the second half.

On the upside: we officially have a better attack than Australia, and we are not weaker than them in any department. For the first time in a while there was no "why have they picked that idiot?" look about the England team. Delighted to see Sarginson in the side, giving the team an even more Wigan-like look, and Smith and O'Loughlin and Tomkins got them running some nice crisp Wigan-style lines in the first half.

On the downside, I think NZ are a better side than the Kangaroos, and am less optimistic about beating them than I was against the Aussies at kick-off.

Looking at the points difference, Australia still aren't guaranteed a final spot; a narrow win over Samoa may not be enough to see them home.
Tend to agree. My son - when I start to argue about a try - says - what would I think if it was against Saints ... :)

If we gave that a try we'd be back in the era where everything was a try. We don't play the game in slow motion - even the player tried to get the ball again - he didn't think he'd scored - at the time. His finger may have brushed the side of the ball as his hand swung by it - but is that really a try ?

I would like to see some control and some downward pressure - not a fingernail brushing the ball - and in slow motion - AND - when you stop it at the exact moment - it looks like he's got it. Naturally it does - its stopped !!!

Using slow-mo and stopping the play like this is wrong - it gives the wrong answer. Photos are not always right !

England were unlucky not to win - but they had their chances. I thought the Jennings try had doubt. But they lack Sam B. He may have been the big difference imo.