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Oct 12, 2019
Sydney north
Decent win. French is a real attacking threat from full-back. He is one of those players, like S Johnson, who can at times just dance straight thought a defence, and it's always good to have a guy like that on your books. Leeds had a better side out than last week when they were trounced by Saints, with Konrad Hurrell and few others returning. But we handled him OK.

Furthermore, Briscoe's try should never have been given. He put it down in the corner, the ref blew for a try straightaway, but the big screen replay clearly showed he had put his foot on the sideline. If it had gone to the VR, it would certainly have been disallowed. They kicked the touchline conversion too, so that's six points they shouldn't have had.

[edit] Re-watching, that's not right. Leeds did not kick the conversion.

If you get to see the game, or highlights of it, TFR, I'm sure you'll see some scores you will enjoy!
Yes, thanks moto748 moto748, I am starting to keep more of an eye out.

Kayo Sports have 'minis', which allows me to see the highlights of certain games. They are handy, although I watched the Warriors vs. Castleford game in full the other week. Unfortunately, I think St Helens has gone to the top of the ESL table once again. We cannot allow this!