Rugby League ESL - Wigan - News, Views and Crews !


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Oct 12, 2019
Sydney north
I just wanted to post that, apart from being an avid Roosters supporter (obviously), I am also a Wigan Warriors fan. I have been to a few games here in Australia (unfortunately, mainly WCC fixtures against the mighty Roosters), but none yet in the UK. I went to my first English Super League match in February last year when Wigan played Hull F.C. in a regular round match in Wollongong. I seriously enjoyed the experience - this being the closest experience I have had so far to that famous English supporter singing atmosphere. I would love to go to a Challenge Cup Final one day, not to mention an English football game. Certain additions to the bucket list!

I liked Wigan and Halifax when I was a kid. The first match I can remember was the 1987 CCF between Halifax and St Helens. Back then, I think the games were televised on Channel 10. My father used to get me up in the wee small hours to watch them. I loved it. I really need to subscribe to FOX League so can I see them again (along with the other NRL games, of course).