Opinion Computers - How they Work - Speeds etc !


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Feb 2, 2013
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It aint a computer problem. I have a Samsung TV - very high technical. With expandable arms - anyway I slowing moved it back to the wall but the antenna outpoint broke. It maybe the antenna slot or..the tongue and a small lip crap (it's different then most) . Tomorrow I'll go to JB-HI but I hope it isn't fucked in the TV - antenna outpoint. It will take a few days to get a guy. I;m paying $2to400 clean it.
At least I can watch Fox, Netflix - if the NBN works! hahahahahahahahahaahah :rolleyes::bag:
You can buy a gadget that fits into the antenna spot with two outlets. It allows you to come on a different angle to put the aerial in. Easier to take out too.

We get everything via optic cable so don't worry about aerials. Plus we watch FTA via Fox. Still not sure if we should take Netflix - any one an expert on it ?