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Apr 23, 2013
Brother of Warrior Leivaha Pulu out of jail and straight onto the footy field


Last updated 10:06, August 10 2018

Leivaha Pulu says having his brother out of jail has been "a blessing" for the whole Pulu family.

After two years in prison, the brother of Warriors' forward Leivaha Pulu is a free man and ready to grab his second chance with both hands.

George Pulu was released earlier this year after serving a two-year sentence, one which saw him celebrate his 21st birthday behind bars.

His brother, Warriors 2018 recruit Leivaha Pulu, said back in March that his brother's pending prison release was a major motivator behind why he elected to return to New Zealand, after a successful NRL stint with the Gold Coast Titans.

The back-rower said then he wanted to be around to help his younger brother re-adjust to life on the outside and support him where needed.

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However, much to his surprise "and delight", younger brother George has landed on his feet since being reintroduced to society.

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