Rugby League Australian Secondary Schools 18 Years Titles


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Apr 3, 2013
Australian Secondary Schools 18 Years Titles

12/07/2013 3:04:28 PM

Results from the ASSRL 18 Years Titles being played Barlow Park, Cairns are listed below.
The Australian team to tour NZ later this year was announced after the games and is also listed below.
Day 5:
Player of the Championship:Cheyne Whitelaw - NSWCCC13 (Marcellin College Randwick)
Championship Final:
NSWCHS 26 (Nathan Davis, Aiden Fonua-Blake, Charles Morton, Thomas Freebairn, Jackson Hastings tries; Jackson Hastings 3 goals) defeated Queensland 22 (Jayden Nikorima 2, JJ Felise, George Fai tries; Deacon Fletcher 2, Mack Mason goals)
Game 2:
NSWCCC 50 (Tyrell Fuimano 2, Topiese Taufa 2, Jaleel Seve-Derbas, David Cowhan, Nayah Freeman, Peter Tiatia, Tom Satherwaite tries; Delayne Ashby 7 goals) defeated ACT 16 (George House 2, Isaac Hamad tries; John White, Isaac Hamad goals)
Game 3:
Combined Affiliated States 18 (Logan Houghton, Joseph Watene-Lavina, Brandon Manase tries; Aaron Teroi 3 goals) defeated NSWCIS 4 (Jerome Harrison tries)
Most Valuable Players:
Charlie Mackenzie – ACT (Dickson College)
Brandon Manase – CAS (Hallam Senior College, Victoria)
Cheyne Whitelaw – NSWCCC (Marcellin College Randwick)
Royce Hunt – NSWCHS (Bass High School)
Charlie Taylor – NSWCIS (St Augustine’s College)
Coen Hess – Queensland (Ignatius Park College)
Australia Secondary Schools Rugby League 18 Years Team to Tour New Zealand (September / October)
1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak NSWCCC (Patrician Brothers College Blacktown)
2. Sione Mata’utia NSWCHS (Hunter Sports High School)
3. Euan Aitken NSWCHS (Illawarra Sports High School)
4. Marion Seve Queensland (Keebra Park State High School)
5. Nathan Davis NSWCHS (James Busby High School)
6. Jayden Nikorima Queensland (Wavell State High School)
7. Jackson Hastings NSWCHS (Illawarra Sports High School)
8. Vincent Leuluai NSWCHS (Sarah Redfern High School)
9. Jenan Wedderburn-Parrish Queensland (Australian Industry Trade College)
10. George Fai Queensland (Marsden State High School)
11. Royce Hunt NSWCHS (Bass High School)
12. Tyrell Fuimaono NSWCCC (Patrician Brothers College Blacktown)
13. Cheyne Whitelaw NSWCCC (Marcellin College Randwick)
14. Joey Lussick NSWCIS (Newington College)
15. Thomas Freebairn NSWCHS (Illawarra Sports High School)
16. Willis Meehan NSWCHS (Matraville Sports High School)
17. Lamar Manuel-Liolevave Queensland (Keebra Park State High School)
Coach: Peter Denham NSWCHS Orara High School
Manager: Kort Goodman QSSRL St Marys College Toowoomba
Trainer: Damon Rehbein QSSRLKirwan State High School
Physiotherapist: Ben Heidenreich
ASSRL Executive Officer: Grant Edwards Caringbah High School
Day 4 – July 10
Game 1:
ACT 18 (Grant Crapp, Isaac Hamad, Cleveland McGhie tries; John White 3 goals) defeated CAS 6 (Joseph Watene-Lavina try; Aaron Teroi goal)
Game 2: Semi Final 1:
QUEENSLAND 30 (Marion Seve 2, Mack Mason, Samuel Swift, Deacon Fletcher, Jayden Nikorima tries; Deacon Fletcher 3 goals) defeated NSWCIS 10 (Ed Ansell, Charlie Taylor tries; Joey Lussick goal)
Game 3 - Semi Final 2:
NSWCHS 26 (Nathan Davis 2, Royce Hunt, Bevan French, Addin Fonua-Blake tries; Jackson Hastings 3 goals) defeated NSWCCC 10 (Naya Freeman 2 tries; Delayne Ashby goal)
Players of the Match:
ACT 11 – Daniel Dole (Erindale College)
CAS 16 – Joseph Watene-Lavina (Hallam Senior College)
Queensland 3 – Marion Seve (Keebra Park State High School)
NSWCIS 3 – Taane Milne (Newington College)
NSWCHS 9 – Ali Allouche (Bass High School)
NSWCCC 10 – Soni Hala (Patrician Brothers College Blacktown)
Draw – Friday, July 12 – Finals Day
9.30am: NSWCIS v Combined Affiliated States
10.50am: NSWCCC v ACT
12 noon: Championship Final: Queensland v NSWCHS
1.30pm Announcement of Australian Schoolboys team to tour New Zealand in September / October
*NOTE: live updates available at ASSRL webpage
Day 3 Results
Game 1:
NSWCIS 24 (Tries: Jeffery Markus, Joey Lussick, Charlie Taylor, Tepai Moeroa Goals: Joey Lussick 3, Frazer Price) defeated ACT 18 (Tries: George House, Cleveland McGhie, Charlie Mackenzie Goals: John White 3)
Game 2:
NSWCCC 16 (Tries: Peter Tiatia 2, Harrison Burey Goals: Delayne Ashby 2) defeated CAS 10 (Tries: Jake Doubikin, Brandon Manase Goals: Aaron Teroi)
Players of the Match
NSWCIS 11 – Tepai Moeroa (Newington College)
ACT 13 – Charlie Mackenzie (Dickson College)
NSWCCC 16 – Peter Tiatia Patrician Brothers College Blacktown)
CAS 8 – Kurt Deluis (Aranmore Catholic College, WA)
Day 2 Results
Game 1:
Queensland 30 (Tries: Deacon Fletcher 2, Regan Grieve, Marion Seve, Jayden Nikorima, Joshua Kerr Goals: Jayden Nikorima 3) def CAS 16 (Tries: Brandon Manase, Taneila Moa, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad Goals: Aaron Teroi 2)
Game 2:
NSWCHS 58 (Tries: Euan Aitken 2, Adam Clune 2, Bevan French, Royce Hunt, Nathan Davis, Paul Momirovski, Brian Kelly, Clayton Williams Goals: Jackson Hastings 7, Paul Momirovski 2) def NSWCIS 8 (Tries: Jeffrey Markus, Charlie Taylor)
Players of the Match
QLD 18 – Coen Hess (Ignatius Park College)
CAS 11- Brandon Manase ( Hallam Senior College)
NSWCHS 14 – Vincent Leuluai ( Endeavour Sports High School)
NSWCIS 5 – Charlie Taylor ( St Augustine’s College)
Day 1 Results
Game 1:
NSWCHS 64 (Tries: Paul Momirovski 2, Vincent Leilua, Beven French, Euan Aitken, Luciano Leilua, Sione Mata’utia, Nathan Davis, Jackson Hastings, Adam Clune, Nathan Leatigaga, Willis Meehan, Brian Kelly Goals: Jackson Hastings 4, Paul Momirovski 2) def ACT 6 (Tries: Cleveland McGhie, John White Goals:)
Game 2:
Queensland 26 (Tries: Michael Barclay 2, Tyrone Pritchard, Elijah Alick, George Fai Goals: Deacon Fletcher 2, Jayden Nikorima) def NSWCCC 20 (Tries: Peter Tia Tia, Lachlan Croker, Naya Freeman, Tom Satterthwaite Goals: Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 2)
Players of the Match
NSWCHS 17 – Thomas Freebairn (Illawarra Sports High School)
ACT 2 – Cleveland McGhie ( Erindale College)
QLD 7 – Deacon Fletcher (Bribie Island State High School)
NSWCCC 13 – Cheyne Whitelaw (Marcellin College Randwick)