Alex De Minaur

Rabbits 21

WLF "Member of the Year" 2019
Feb 6, 2018
He deserves his own thread, what a mature young man he is for 19. He’s a breath of fresh air for Aussie Mens Tennis. He loves it all on the court to as he says and he fights for every ball like a blue wall is another of his mottos.

He’s just in the last week went into the top 30. He’s now ranked 29.

I expect him to definitely be a top ten player in the future.

Compared to other seasoned pros though Alex has to build up more but no doubt he will but his body is still growing and developing.

I’m pumped to see what he can do in the Aussie Open next week.

He will get a seed to which is great.

Hopefully he can make the third or fourth round.