1. S J @ S J: Yes.
  2. ALX22 @ ALX22: NRL might as well bring in a mid-year trade week.
  3. S J @ S J: It's a joke ALX.
  4. ALX22 @ ALX22: How many more players will change teams?
  5. S J @ S J: Pom batting line up weak - don't worry.
  6. Bazza @ Bazza: I'm tired as f**k but I'm hoping 305...I doubt it but ...f*****I
  7. Bazza @ Bazza: that's alright...smith we need him. Smith can craft a batsman Bevan.One of the best ONO players ever
  8. Bazza @ Bazza: crazy rabbit should get a mental test. Old timer...that's he's thing before you were a member. At the time, I was trying to do fitness course ..mainly it's full of shit shit, but what I took out of it...Medical. Meaning...some old timers, they think Ive done 4 years ...30 years, then 2 weeks later there is a problem. ..Old!
  9. S J @ S J: Rabs seems to have lost it sometimes.
  10. stanleyg @ stanleyg: Good point SJ....and you dont have to listen to GUS going on and on and on. Rabs would be ok if he could see the field these days
  11. S J @ S J: you don't realise how good fox is - no adverts in the game - until you have to go back to Nine - the GF is the same.
  12. Bazza @ Bazza: WTF! fatty and joey are more Manly than anything else.. I can understand that boof head but Joey is a knight. Mind you I played 4 Balmain reverves but joey want's to suck...c*** 2!
  13. Bazza @ Bazza: I'm sick and tired of rabs, fatty, joey and especially ........Gus. C'mon Foxtel so we don't has to listen to that crap...many Newcastle had to deal with joey..I thought It was the end.
  14. Bazza @ Bazza: Goodnight.
  15. Bazza @ Bazza: That's why I rarely watch League these days. Mainly the refs. Not SOS or my team, just League these days.
  16. Bazza @ Bazza: All the time I played had to be certain 4 a penalty try. fuck it
  17. Bazza @ Bazza: put it this way...fuck league
  18. Bazza @ Bazza: I'm sure Sutton is a f'n Qlder
  19. S J @ S J: All good.
  20. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: Working fine for me.
  21. S J @ S J: Seems trouble with posts - anyone ?
  22. stanleyg @ stanleyg: Yes the Norse were too good andalso got the best of foul play decsisions.
  23. Bazza @ Bazza: the norwegians are 2 good
  24. Bazza @ Bazza: c'mon matildas!
  25. S J @ S J: Chinese tonight - away so I like something different. Food looks good.