1. ALX22 @ ALX22: I don't really like Karl, but he did well on the controversial segment.
  2. S J @ S J: Don't usually watch FTA.
  3. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: I don’t listen to their trash Baz
  4. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: I hope Rad is ok, he’s very quiet
  5. @ Bazza: I rarely the 60mins crap = it's like fox news - lies! lol! It would be fantastic if Karl was taken my a great pointer and a! That's dreaming//lol!
  6. @ Bazza: that Kyle and Jacko O - they're making millions a year. WTF! ????? He's fucking nut case. I've had 3 brain injuries - I'm damaged but that fucker is crazy as fuck. Mind has the brothers! Crims. God only knows how much he forks out with that shit??
  7. @ Bazza: this mainly concerning Gold C - radio - If spider is pseaking 92.5 Gold FM - I can handle it but f'n Bridge - give a fucking break. Ok supposedly have a hard life in her 20's 30's +++ I thought she's getting married? Again..Thank God I got new system in my radio (Ipod, etc.) there is other stations but after 9am it's better Gold FM.
  8. @ Bazza: the good thing I only have to do it every 6 months. Mind you the tax concession - I thought I would be over the 90k but I wasn't. Next year or 2 years time - I'm sweet but f"ers making 160-80 they sweet. Maybe I have work 90 hrs week? lol! fuck that
  9. ALX22 @ ALX22: Thanks for the reminder Rabbits21.
  10. @ Bazza: honestly - who have never hit your thumb driving nails in? That God I have 2 nail guns now. but thing some nailing you have to use your hammer. I think you're a computer person..probably most of your life. That's good. Or Faxes and shit
  11. S J @ S J: "Oh Wow" ... that hurt ...
  12. @ Bazza: @21 - what better - fuck or Jesus when a hammer hit your thumb???
  13. S J @ S J: The issue of certain words has been raised - ie swear words. I'm happy to open them up again but Members might remember - it is offensive to some - especially blasphemy and crude words.
  14. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: Haven’t done my tax yet I can’t be bothered... I’ll have to do it today.
  15. S J @ S J: Phew - lucky my wife too k the winner ... :)
  16. S J @ S J: I still like sound in the CC. A good outsider with a chance.
  17. @ Bazza: drink.
  18. @ Bazza: @SJ - the put of the story mate. awhile ago fergo was going to be Muslim like Choc...Muslims can't gamble or bet. ok! Actually now Im looking at the guide. Hopefully my NBN!
  19. S J @ S J: Luckily I don't smoke - but I like a beer and have the occasional punt.
  20. @ Bazza: He wasn't drinking though
  21. @ Bazza: Anyway - he was betting = lol!
  22. @ Bazza: goodnight fellas. I'm tired actually - I had a few beers awhile and met fergo...supposedly his leg is good. next month pre-season training mate. He's big fella, but I thought as a choc mundine cousin - no gambling?
  23. S J @ S J: They have combined it all - which may work if done well.
  24. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: What happened with Country Rugby League??...
  25. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: We got something in our letterbox about NBN today, haven’t opened it yet....