1. S J @ S J: Yeah .... :)
  2. Northern_Union @ Northern_Union: Wabbitt season?
  3. S J @ S J: WB back mate. Bloody bunnies over-running the place.
  4. Northern_Union @ Northern_Union: Been a while guys, life got in the way. Check out my brief post for an idea of what i've been up too.
  5. S J @ S J: Rads is missing but he'll probably turn up ... ;)
  6. S J @ S J: Hi TG. No - all OK. I find when that sort of thing happens I do a reboot and a clean.
  7. TerryGaines @ TerryGaines: Anyone missing lately? My browser was locked out from WLF. Glad to have sorted that now and looking forward to 2020 NLR. TG :)
  8. S J @ S J: Welcome Rabo - hope you enjoy the place. Ask if you have any problems, questions, issues ...
  9. S J @ S J: Almost 110k ...
  10. S J @ S J: might be more.
  11. S J @ S J: About $20 a month I think.
  12. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: Thanks Stanley
  13. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: How much is it?
  14. S J @ S J: I've got insurance for our bloke - but i think its a bit of a rip off.
  15. stanleyg @ stanleyg: good luck rabbits. when I had bullmastiffs and mastiffs the vet used to say I was paying for his house
  16. S J @ S J: So long as she's home.
  17. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: Lungs are all clear bowel seems not too bad from what they can see, best possible outcome I guess but $3300 later
  18. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: She may have inflammatory bowel disease, she was a but dehydrated so they have her a drip
  19. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: They were very thorough which is good, seems she can’t tolerate the kidney food diet, have to on a more normal food but it helps the kidneys a bit but not as much
  20. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: They don’t think it’s lymphoma, actually they said she’s a complicated case
  21. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: She’s been through quite a lot
  22. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: Silky got home around 8pm tonight we went and picked her up
  23. S J @ S J: Home again. Great.
  24. S J @ S J: Hows it going Rabbs ?
  25. S J @ S J: Oh no. Sorry to hear mate.