1. stanleyg @ stanleyg: could have been worse ALX. THe cops might have hit it with a shotgun thinking it was a bomb.
  2. @ ALX22: Both blaming each other for it.
  3. S J @ S J: So - they know who did it ?
  4. @ ALX22: Thanks Rabbits, yes misplaced my suitcase outside two businesses who's staff allegedly unlocked the locking mechanism and changed my code and took eleven items from it.
  5. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: Bloody hell ALX that’s shocking
  6. S J @ S J: I paid $500 excess because I didn't have a 3rd party - he/she hit me in a carpark and drove off.
  7. Bazza @ Bazza: I have to pay $625 the excess with my Insurance ute. No damage my ute though the right fender on the parked car. I should have reversed but at the time - looking left and right in the mirrors it was a struggle. bloody!
  8. S J @ S J: ALX22 - horrid feeling when something is stolen.
  9. Bazza @ Bazza: Tonight I thought don't take the take killers and - there is 3 actually - steroids tablets and 2 others but I can have codeine forte if it's severe. F'n Wild Turkey goes the! It's's midday when I train because he'd go back to work. Ill feel in the morning but - I'll crash good now. YEAH!!!!! fuckers
  10. @ ALX22: Break in Brissy ruined by a thief who should have handed my bag to police but instead stole particular items from it. grrrrr
  11. Bazza @ Bazza: I will go to the medical it or not!
  12. S J @ S J: What is ?
  13. Bazza @ Bazza: It's the USA anyway
  14. Bazza @ Bazza: The only 1st world countries who don't have medicare or similar? Who brother? This forum is from the start on the 60's bloody oath - crackers
  15. S J @ S J: I'm glad we have Pvt - but it is so bloody expensive.
  16. Bazza @ Bazza: SJ, STG, R21 - time can be an issues- lol! I was covered the first 2 brain injuries but it didn't matter. Life and Death. In the USA - I have would have get get a loan of maybe $300,000 the 3 TBI
  17. S J @ S J: Yes - time can be an issue.
  18. stanleyg @ stanleyg: the only advantage about health funds is if you have an issue you get in early. If however its urgent you get treated the same as a health fund payer but it costs you nothing on medicare
  19. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: Yep not wrong Bazz, lots of people aren’t happy with health funds right now.
  20. S J @ S J: A mate just had a quote for $20k on a problem he has.
  21. Bazza @ Bazza: that's mate or I've had too many injuries to realise the brain haven't figured out - this ain't good. Many people are in the same boat and rising costs everywhere and high private health doesn't help. Have a good day mate.
  22. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: I have that nerve issue in my arm as you know, I couldn’t handle it with how much you have, I reckon you have a very high pain threshold
  23. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: Sorry to hear all this Baz, you’re a very strong guy with all the shit you have to put up with
  24. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: 3/126 right now
  25. Bazza @ Bazza: well, it doesn't matter really with my injuries. My work it's harder then pad and working out sessions. Honestly. I stretch more than before work and after. My refreshment is in the!