1. S J @ S J: Elderly sometimes have a problem.
  2. Archie @ Archie: Some never turn up either
  3. S J @ S J: OK. There seems to always be a few missing. My wife use to be involved with the national Missing People group.
  4. ALX22 @ ALX22: Still missing, but they found his bike and multiple camp sites.
  5. S J @ S J: How'd it go ?
  6. ALX22 @ ALX22: Spent the day looking for the missing teen on the Sunny Coast. About 12km.
  7. stanleyg @ stanleyg: yes I had a Kooka arguing with a raven at my back door this morning. Even my peach tree has sprouts of green
  8. S J @ S J: Kooka's singing ...
  9. S J @ S J: A tad cool again ...
  10. stanleyg @ stanleyg: just a tad.....a big TAD
  11. S J @ S J: Tad chilly this morn.
  12. S J @ S J: I thought Canberra might get them in the final 5.
  13. S J @ S J: Big score - didn't know it was on.
  14. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: The Wallabies beat the All Blacks at Optus Stadium in Perth! 47 - 26! :)
  15. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: LOL @ WESTS TIGERS - Madge needs to have a shave. He is looking like a homeless person!
  16. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: It looks like they are about to beat the All Blacks though, so good stuff!
  18. ALX22 @ ALX22: Watching the Wallabies does that.
  19. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: Those things can affect people's brains.
  20. ALX22 @ ALX22: Wish I had a wind farm.
  21. S J @ S J: Its not - its hard ...
  22. B @ Bazza: It's pretty simple flat packs. Some people I'm to busy, it's not that, it's laziness.
  23. S J @ S J: But its done - looks OK too - quite nice. The screws i bought fitted really well.
  24. S J @ S J: I gather you can hire people too Bazz
  25. B @ Bazza: get a stainless steel bit 6-7mm and buy whatever ever timber screw - ?? Colour! Bob's you uncle mate. it's easier if you don't have a good cordless and they're cheap they cheap the bad ones. Honestly,sometimes I do that. Main;y it's desks and cabinets..on occasions, chairs. There are pretty simple. the cabinets and shoe cabinets are the difficult ones.