1. S J @ S J: Thanks guys - me included - can we have this on a thread in the Para Forum please ?
  2. stanleyg @ stanleyg: are the eels not up in the top three?
  3. S J @ S J: Parra won but neither impressed.
  4. wilco @ wilco: eels NOT Preimership contenders.
  5. wilco @ wilco: Moses - you're not phil blake in the 1st half. The 2 tries after - also fergo taken him off.
  6. wilco @ wilco: C'mon eels. give me a break with this crap.
  7. S J @ S J: We had lunch out - feeling a tad tired now ...
  8. S J @ S J: Happy Easter guys !
  9. S J @ S J: Top Eight Comp closes on Thursday morning.
  10. stanleyg @ stanleyg: expected slight rain but ended up with a cool SE breeze....very nice.
  11. S J @ S J: A little rain last night.
  12. S J @ S J: Yes - from 5pm tonight.
  13. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: So QLD into lockdown!
  14. stanleyg @ stanleyg: a slight sprinkle yesterday but today looks like being nothing but sunshine
  15. S J @ S J: Glorious weather here now.
  16. S J @ S J: Sunshine here - been for a surf.
  17. stanleyg @ stanleyg: glad its stopped raining for now. had a huge water leak and cant find how it happened.
  18. S J @ S J: 'Net troubles ...
  19. stanleyg @ stanleyg: no rain this morning, going to get pretty humid one thinks.
  20. stanleyg @ stanleyg: flooding in Nsw, keep your heavy rain north of the border thnx
  21. S J @ S J: Raining.
  22. stanleyg @ stanleyg: gotta love La Nina.
  23. S J @ S J: Rain !!!
  24. S J @ S J: Have a good time.
  25. wilco @ wilco: my girl is crashed and maybe I should also. It amazes me what footy SPECTATORS? see