1. S J @ S J: Yes - we're lucky we got Mary.
  2. stanleyg @ stanleyg: The Broncs might be regettting signing Seibs about now.
  4. Bazza @ Bazza: Go the Broncs!
  5. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: The Eels better win! I actually tipped them, but not with much confidence. If they were playing in Brisbane then I would have tipped the Broncos.
  6. S J @ S J: Bazza, Bazza, come back - all is forgiven ... :)
  7. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: he'll be back, unfortunately
  8. stanleyg @ stanleyg: does that mean voldermort has left or its just another rant?
  9. S J @ S J: Parra to go yet Bazz.
  10. Bazza @ Bazza: I'm sick and tired of league these days. 2 games so far tonight, these refs live in fantasy land. Fuck league and the officials. I'll do my tips but netflix/Amazon/Stan - it's better. Seeya league
  11. S J @ S J: No - he's gone.
  13. S J @ S J: Gagai off now ?
  14. Bazza @ Bazza: my back went wire today, about an hour I did my own aliksir - I should get the rights! Meaning -no one can get it without a my 20%! It was good 2 hours ago then I did a mundane thing! Jesus. Age woke weary them...Fuck...I'm suffering back pain...not firing bullets and not mud for 6 months. Thank you Poms! fuuckers
  15. S J @ S J: Now its Mannah - i'm getting fed up with it.
  16. ALX22 @ ALX22: How many players will move clubs before the deadline?
  17. Bazza @ Bazza: well the saints will win with a reserve grade side with the dogs, but Stan and S J reminds me of the Handmaids Tale. Just!
  18. S J @ S J: Thats what the actress said to the bishop .
  19. ALX22 @ ALX22: It's way too slippery.
  20. S J @ S J: Its that Stadium Bazz.
  21. Bazza @ Bazza: eels should play soccer or join another team. western district eels/panthers.
  22. S J @ S J: Bloody cold !
  23. S J @ S J: Rabbits - are you still having problems ?
  24. Bazza @ Bazza: where the refs...inside the 10 fuckers...
  25. Bazza @ Bazza: Australian Defense are getting like China. Who head that up? the Government the time. Maybe we should censor most things? Many countries do that..N.Korea, China, Russia, etc. Great!..F**K