1. Bazza @ Bazza: you should go there! My grammar is!
  2. Bazza @ Bazza: who should go their and get a lesson with Kepler ? lol!
  3. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: I think I've watched every movie he is in.
  4. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: Denzel is a good actor.
  5. S J @ S J: I pass what looks like a good boxing place - "Valley Boxing" some mornings. In Newstead. Don't see these old type places much anymore.
  6. Bazza @ Bazza: After training I'm watching safe house with Denzel - hopefully the internet it will cope? lol!! transformers and rust and shit lines.
  7. stanleyg @ stanleyg: cubed and chilled .yummm
  8. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: I have 2 quarters of watermelon in the fridge. I am about to devour one of the quarters right now! :-D
  9. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: I’m having a watermelon icypole yummmm
  10. RADICAL RABBIT @ RADICAL RABBIT: mmmmm i have peppermint tea :-D
  11. S J @ S J: I find I rarely watch FTA anymore.
  12. Bazza @ Bazza: I'm watching the project - they in a nursing home - half of them are younger than my old man, they old Man is alright looking than the most of them...not the mind though. F**k dementia
  13. Bazza @ Bazza: Hey - that bloody a star is born! Movie - bloody good! I like that music and also - fucking blues! who has a good heart at the core! Better than most f****rs! Eventhough it's done before in the 50's the 30's but it reactivated 2 me!
  14. S J @ S J: Yes.
  16. stanleyg @ stanleyg: left click on your name Bazza and when the details come up "log out is at the bottom"
  17. Bazza @ Bazza: Wheres the logout fucking tab...fucking morons...probably fucking moron council workers or kmart coles woolies staff!
  18. stanleyg @ stanleyg: I can feel footy season approaching. The weekend newspapers sports sections are starting to fill up instead of the front page.
  19. S J @ S J: @Rabbits 21 should all be good now.
  21. S J @ S J: Everything going OK ?
  22. S J @ S J: Seems odd - you mean your pic - not a copy from somewhere.
  23. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: S J I can’t seem to upload a photo from my own photos in a PM now!
  24. Rabbits 21 @ Rabbits 21: Not good at all #
  25. S J @ S J: Bloody flu - just keeps on hanging on ...