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  1. stanleyg

    Opinion Jack's Five #7 - 26 - 2020 - C16

    actually Bob said "the times , they are a changin" ( he was in a live show to) the other issue of course is "transgender" in sport due particularly when "men" cross over to become "women" In a lot of sport that is totally unfair on natural women due to the transgenders having bone thickness and...
  2. stanleyg

    Rugby League Round 10 - Rabbitohs vs Knights: Saturday 18th July 5:30pm @Bankwest Stadium

    we will have to wait and see but a win to the Bunnies is the more likely outcome. (sorry did I just jinx them?)
  3. stanleyg

    Opinion Woolies thread

    It was always going to continue to spread because of "travellers" continuing to be allowed into and back into the country. You cant stamp it out if you keep letting fresh doses come through our borders People wont social distance They wont stick to quarantine they sneak over borders and deny...
  4. stanleyg

    Opinion Jack's Five #7 - 26 - 2020 - C16

    We all have our preferences. Good luck to her if it makes her happy but I do think if they are "healthy and can conceive naturally they should not be admitted to fertility clinic or taxpayer funded assistance via invitro. The whole thing was created to help couples who had medical issues but is...
  5. stanleyg

    Opinion Jack's Five #7 - 26 - 2020 - C16

    Sam Stosur and wife have child. UFC have busy weekend Dean PAY to do a Matty Elliott and hang himself with his tie at the Dodgies
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    Opinion Laugh for the day.

  7. stanleyg

    Rugby League Round 10 - Rabbitohs vs Knights: Saturday 18th July 5:30pm @Bankwest Stadium

    After the Knights effort against the Eels its looking like either a run away win to the Bunnies or a close grinding win by the Knights
  8. stanleyg

    News Round 9 - Saints v Manly

    Nice to see the Dragons get some of their act together and garner a fine looking win but I dont think Manly is a happy organised camp. The win aside the big things for the dragons were They seem to have fixed that gaping defensive hole in front of their goal posts that leaked easy tries the...
  9. stanleyg

    Opinion Verse of the day

    actually it is the ending to a long Ribald poem about Moses. It starts off like.... One dark night the King spied Moses and said...Moses, Moses how goest the royal brothels? Haa retorted Moses, speaking of brothels how goest that harlot the queen? it was all downhill for moses after that until...
  10. stanleyg

    Rugby League Round 9 - Rabbitohs vs Tigers: Friday 10th July 7:55pm @Bankwest Stadium

    I have to admit it looks like a storm v roosters GF BUT...... they could be on the same side of the finals which means a chance for another team to play at least.
  11. stanleyg

    Rugby League NRL: 2020 Other Matches/Rounds

    The Broncos finally got their act together....sort of. They were only playing the Dodgies but it has to be good for their morale and thats been what is lacking in the team. No matter how well or bad the Dragons go it was still a great weekend watching the Sharks implode.:p
  12. stanleyg

    Rugby League Round 9 - Rabbitohs vs Tigers: Friday 10th July 7:55pm @Bankwest Stadium

    Lattrell really needs to work on his discipline or lack of it. If the Bunnies are there at the GF he could either win it ....or lose it which is why the Roosters moved him on.
  13. stanleyg

    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    This covid -19 is going to flare up again due to complacency and stupidity. Never mind the crazy yanks who value guns and the right to public assembly over their right to life we have enough fools down here. New Zealand. two people over a number of days broke out of a secure zone by cutting a...
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    Opinion FOOD THREAD

    devilled snags tonight
  15. stanleyg

    Opinion Verse of the day

    and the Lord said unto Moses Moses, Moses come ye forth. well the silly bugger tripped, come fifth and got a toffee apple for his troubles
  16. stanleyg

    Team List 2020 NRL Season – Round 9 – Cowboys vs. Roosters

    It was a good game up until halftime after which it was a fantastic game....if you were a roosters fan. A few teams seem to be folding in the second half.