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    Rugby League Charity Shield Trial 2 - Rabbitohs vs Dragons: Saturday 29th February 7pm @Glen Willow Oval

    Bring it on, the footy is back and I always see this as the opener to the season. Always a very good tough match and a fine hit out before the season begins. Correct @S J @callmack1 both sides already have some injury concerns so we don’t want anymore. Yes we are both hoping for a well reffed...
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    News Aussie Tennis Open 2020 I’m pumped for it but this has me a bit deflated. Sucks for Alex.
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    Opinion 2020 NRL Fantasy

    @Souths till I die @callmack1 @Mega Just wanted to start a thread so we can chat guys, I’m planning already @callmack1 and I want you to so you have a better season than last year as well! Please find below Shoncos player prices, thoughts guys! Fifita is a bit cheaper than I thought a must...
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    News Reyno for captaincy says DT in headline, guess we will know soon enough!

    It’s a subscribe article @callmack1 I’ll see if I can find it elsewhere! DT reporting Reyno to take over from Sam Burgess as South Sydney’s new.......... Geez I’m pumped, that would be friggin awesome!
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    Match Preview 2019/20 Home Test Series Aus v NZ- 3 Test Series

    Starts on Thursday over in Perth I believe.
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    News Ash Barty Well I think she deserves here own thread, what a year it has been for her with so so so so many achievements. What a great role model she is too and an inspiration too many! This is the all...
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    Off Topic As the festive season is now upon us REMEMBER DONT ABUSE WORKERS!

    This is a big one guys that needs to be spoken about more, especially those of us that work in customer service and cop lots of verbal and physical abuse already all year round as it is, but it tends to go to another level from December 1 onwards @callmack1 No matter how stressed you are don’t...
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    Opinion Our 2020 Captain, who will Wayne pick and who would you pick?

    Ok lads just thought I’d start this thread up. If I were picking @callmack1 I’d pick Reyno. On what Wayne will do, I reckon he will give it to Cody.
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    Match Preview 2019/20 Home 2 Test Series - Aus v Pak
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    News Sam Burgess tribute/honour thread, what a career what an impact!

    Well it’s now 4 hours post the announcement, I thought someone would’ve put up a thread for him but obviously everyone is just so shattered like me and in mourning like a Great Depression.
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    Rugby League 2020 Rabbitohs Draw

    Well lads it was confirmed in the Daily Telegraph the other day our Round 1 match will be Saturday 14th March @Home ANZ v Sharks @5:30pm. Apparently our Round 2 game is set to be away to Shoncos on a Friday night. Then we have Rorters away in Round 3. Round 4 unknown. Round 5 looks like our...
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    Team List 2019/2020 off season players contracts comings and goings etc.....

    Just looked on zero tackle they have down Gagai is on 700k, as I said I very well think he could go. So our player gains 2020 are: Troy Dargan (signed til end of 2021) Edene Gebbie (signed til end of 2021) Bryson Goodwin (signed just for 2020) Jack Johns (in first grade squad it now seem...
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    News Bryson Goodwin thread (Can’t believe we didn’t have one, well there is one now!!!

    Well what a legend this guy is, my kind of player who gives it everything he has, not the fastest, but a fine player who gets into his work well @Souths till I die He may be ageing but I think this is a very good signing by Souths, exactly what we need with us having a lot of young backs coming...
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    Opinion Rabbitohs team/best 21 man squad of the decade (2010-2019)

    Well what a decade it’s been, here is my team; GI (VC) Merritt Goodwin D. Walker AJ Keary Reynolds George Issac Asotasi Sutton (C) Te’o Sam Cook Tom Murray Clark Extended bench: Crocker Cody Gagai Tyrrell/McQueen Fire away guys, happy to hear what you guys may do differently to me in...
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    Opinion Thank You and Farewell George

    Just a thread to give your farewell and tribute to George. Well he certainly hit the NRL by Storm bulldozing opponents with strength, force and brute power. I’ll never forget the time he trampled over Taumalolo. I’ll never forget what a try he scored against the Dogs on a tough old Good...
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    Opinion NRL Review: Ideas to improve for NRL to stop more people walking away!

    Well let’s discuss guys what do we think? Do we go back to one ref? I reckon bringing in a captains challenge @callmack1 is a must! Also why can the bunker pick and choose what they overrule on? I think the salary cap needs looking at too, I honestly do but I don’t know what the answer is...
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    Opinion Campbell Graham

    I’d just like to say how awesome he was the first half of the season and then what normally happens to young players happened, he had an off 5-6 weeks where he was just off and luck wasn’t going his way either and his game kinda came down a level and errors crept in and it just wasn’t happening...
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    News More fans will walk away they’ve had enough!

    Well what a shame we aren’t talking about the game, we are talking about the refs, once you rule six again you can’t change it on the run, that is just wrong! Worst decision I have ever seen! Enough is enough now, we all knew it’d end like that tonight! Rorters didn’t win the game it was...
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    News We’ve done it, Jersey Flegg Premiers 2019

    Woooooohhhhhooooooooooooo, something good had to come of this shitty weekend thus far! Well what a gripping 70mins that was and no points scored all second half, our boys were exhausted but they dug deep! Canberra has had the week off and were fresher but we did in with courage and guts THE...
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    News Sam hair pull cited, when Keary does it not a thing

    This was Sam’s point, what a joke this game has become. Keary’ hair pull was way worse than Sam’ @callmack1 @Peter Quinn and he got not a thing. If people can’t see Politis is pulling the strings then they’re clearly delusional. That hair pull was way worse than Sam’s. You lads just watch...