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    I just had to make this thread! If you see a random Souths fan at a game/event/show that isn't a Souths game, please post about it in this thread, and if you can, include a pic/video. I'll start.
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    You know it makes sense! 🐇🐇🐇 🐰🐰🐰
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    Rugby League 2021 Rabbitohs team

    South Sydney Rabbitohs: 2021 (Round 1 predicted team) Author: Chris Kennedy & Jamie Soward Fri 29 Jan 2021, 09:11 PM In a series analysing who will line up in each position for all 16 teams in the opening round of the Telstra Premiership in 2021, looks at the South Sydney Rabbitohs...
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    News Souths' partnership with Macarthur FC Bulls

    Ground Breaking Partnership with Macarthur FC Macarthur FC Media Published: Jan 29, 2021 The NRL’s oldest Club, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, have joined forces with the A-League’s newest club, Macarthur FC, in a first-of-its-kind partnership which will see the two Clubs work together to provide...
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    Off Topic Signatures

    I had 2 small pics in my signature (the Australia Kangaroos emblem and the NSW State of Origin emblem). They were fairly small, but then I made them even smaller because @S J asked me to make them smaller. When I did that, he seemed happy with the new size, but a while ago the NSW State of...
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    Off Topic The War At Home - an alternate history, war drama series

    The War At Home trailer Season 1, Episode 1
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    Rugby League Finals Week 1 Elimination Final - Rabbitohs vs Knights: Sunday 4th October 4:05pm @ANZ Stadium

    So we have Su'A coming back for this game, but have any of you heard about James Roberts???
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    Rugby League Round 20 - Rabbitohs vs Roosters: Friday 25th September 7:55pm @ ANZ Stadium

    This is going to be very tough. The Roosters rested some big names (Tedesco, Cordner, Friend) against the Sharks, but they should be back against us, although I am not sure about Cordner.
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    Rugby League Round 18 - Tigers vs Rabbitohs: Thursday 10th September 7:50pm @Bankwest Stadium

    Allan can be solid, but I think we need that extra zip through the middle. Therefore I believe AJ should be moved to fullback. Our wingers need to be quick too, which pretty much leaves Allan out of the team, unless he is on the interchange, or if he can play in the centres. We need Gagai's...
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    Sydney Harbour Bridge during construction, with two aeroplanes, Charles Ulm's "Southern Sun" & a Gypsy Moth. c1930.
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    It was in 1988 against the Sea Eagles, who won the premiership the year before. The match was at Lang Park, Brisbane (now Suncorp Stadium). As you can see, the stadium was very different back then. Wayne Bennett was the Broncos coach. Wally Lewis was the Broncos captain. Broncos v Sea Eagles |...
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    Rugby League Round 6 - Rabbitohs v Warriors: Friday 19th June 6pm @ Bankwest Stadium

    My line up against the Warriors (assuming Roberts is okay to play, and that Su'A is suspended): 1. Mitchell 2. Johnston (left) 3. Graham (left) 4. Roberts (right) 5. Gagai (right) 6. Walker 7. Reynolds 8. Tatola 9. Cook 10. Burgess 11. Lowe 12. Mago 13. Murray 14. Sironen 15. Koloamatangi 16...
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    Rugby League Rugby League's Greatest Rivalry

    @The_Fanatical_Rooster, I thought I'd link you to this so you don't miss the video, since it is in the Rabbitohs section. It's a really good video.
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    Rugby League Past Kangaroos Matches

    Third Test Match
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    Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
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    Off Topic Personality Type

    Give it a go and post your results.
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    Off Topic Which games do you play???

    Okay, this game (Left 4 Dead 2) is 10 years old but I still love playing it. You can play it online with 3 other people, and talk to them using the microphone as you play. As you can see it is basically a zombie apocalypse and you help each-other survive by getting to the safe rooms/houses, or...
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    Rugby League We are one of the clubs who can stop a Roosters three-peat!
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