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  1. IanS

    Opinion Time to start the cull

    I'd start with, Wayne Scurrah, then I'd send off Matt Elliott, send Shaun J to the Vulcans along with 3 or 7 others. Then I'd ask the rest if they were serious in playing for this team all while displaying some pride in themselves, the team, the code and the game in NZ. Tonight was simply...
  2. IanS

    Two weaks in a row

    Yes, it was deliberate. That was so bad. After 20 minutes you could tell it was over. What is it with our wingers? Time after time they come off their wing to be sucked into the wrong position on defense. I thought BM was going to bring something extra to this side, but it looks like we've gone...
  3. IanS

    Pt Chev

    Credit to the ARL for making this stand. No reprieve for Pirates in Fox Memorial
  4. IanS

    Versus the Knights

    Honestly, how do you blow an 18 point lead and in the process play like u12 year old kids? The direction after leading was hopeless. Aimless bombs were the order of the day, poor options by wingers who constantly left their man unmarked and a serious lack of passion. The decision to penalise...