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  1. wilco

    Team List Parra - Round 1 2021 Hopefully, it was a bargain, Bryce Cartwright. I know it's one it's a year.
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    Opinion Snakes

    I was a kid then - I never worried. Then you have those I'm a Celebrity ....I...ts
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    Off Topic Training for beginners

    I just fixed my gutter for my water tank. Probably 200mm for 3-4 days. But anyway. Morning Oats – blueberries/strawberries then one piece of toast -Veg/honey etc. Smoko Banana/Pear/Orange Nuts and yogurt – depend on allergies. Lunch Roll (wholemeal or bread) Chicken/Turkey/Tuna with...
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    Opinion Wanker Inc.

    There are some media (fox news) outlets which lovelies, though this forum is pretty good like Fox news. It's a small pack here - many many recently members were cut off and just left (members) I like the stir the also. In the other sporting forums, I write about the league, boxing, and...
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    Opinion War Crimes

    It may take years until the final findings though, in the last 10 minutes, 10 + soldiers have been sacked. Yes, war is dirty as hell, though I'm hoping it's only minor stuff. It will longer than the Nursing home injury and others. Mind you, a mate who served in Afghanistan - he was screwed up...
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    Rumour Diesel Cars 4x4 Utes Trucks etc.

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    Off Topic The Best Teacher you had?

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    News Oil (crude) is in negative.

    Mind you, Not Diesel - it's about 10-14 cents cheaper from before Covid-19.
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    Match Review eels v Titans I was going but with covid19 I would've gone anyway if no ban. Last round of the 2nd round and hopefully the eels get more structure in the attack. Defence was good - A but he should have scored in the first 10 minutes with...
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    Opinion Home Improvements

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    Opinion the Test

    Really good so far.
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    Match Preview Eels v Dogs 2020 Round 1 (Home)
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    Opinion .02 - 100 great minds...??

    Ok, I can understand .02 though I have to take 3 medications twice a day. Epilepsy and colitis. If those great minds have epilepsy and colitis and taking 3 meds twice a day and they still believe if they stopped drinking at 8pm and they were on the road at 6am, you reckon they'll be under the...
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    Parramatta Rd1 Predicted Team

    Good Forward pack, mobile and skillful.
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    Off Topic Personal Pics

    The younger is my old Man in this picture - but there is three younger siblings but one of his brothers was crawling - All dead. One 2 years old. He's the last of the!
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    Off Topic gold coast 600

    Whipcup and Lowndes - start to finish win. Today. Alright day - expensive an Hell, but next year I'll get a hotel room with my mates. a few said that also. I'll watch the cricket tomorrow and some GC.
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    Opinion Rivers Shop.

    this arvo I got these shoes...It's old fashion but it helps my back going out.
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    Opinion Mental Illness week One of my best mates from 23 nearly 24 years ago suicide. Many farmers also - vets - Gulf, Irag, Afghanistan.
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    Opinion Eels v the real rorters

    Hey brothers, are you number or a league players!?
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    Match Review Eels v silver tails

    Ok Man up! :banghead: