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  1. stanleyg

    Rugby League Doggies V Raiders

    The Doggies despite their issues are not far off hitting form. They gave an under strength Raiders a work out before the Raiders got a good score taking the win. Sadly that gives the Broncos another week to avoid the spoon.
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    Opinion Broncos v storm

    Things are getting desperate up there at the Broncs
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    News Saints - News on Coach Flanagan

    The restraints must be easing for Shane Flanagan as he was actually able to release information and speak for himself now. Yesterday he announced we should see a marked improvement in the Dragons defence. I am not sure on whether even he can break the restraints of Dragonitis that besets the...
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    News Track and Field

    Australia isn't exactly known for being competitive in track and field for some years but Congratulations to Mrs Barber for winning a Gold in the Javelin at the World championships in Doha
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    Opinion Vale a sporting legend

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    Opinion Dogs put the bite on Eels

    It was a game that a bit of everything in it. There was spite, There was sin binning There was tough play ...from both sides There were tries There were tries that should have been scored but opportunity blown (mostly the eels) There was good play There were a lot of errors. At the end of the...
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    Opinion NUTS
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    Match Review Penrith V Manly

    Both sides were minus some main players. The choccies proved to be the better team in what was a hard fought give no quarter up in your face game. It had a bit of everything. some brilliant players handbags at five paces along with sin bins. solid defence and an eagerness to win from both sides.
  9. stanleyg

    Rugby League Knights V Roosters

    Excellent win over the roosters by the knights. Coach Brown had them doing things he couldn't get the Dragons to do. Their defence was up in the roosters face and the Roosters couldn't get their flowing attack moving Latrell and Tedsco were smothered. In attack they used the ball with good...
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    Off Topic QUIZ

    Name this object. And No it isn't Bill Shortens Brain.
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    Rugby League Round 22 - COWS - V - BRONCOS

    Broncos looked to be hitting some form at the Cows expense BUT despite hitting a good lead Thurston and his team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with some fine tries.
  12. stanleyg

    Knights V Roosters

    another win for the Roosters while the knights jagged another loss. They have the basis of a good side but some silly plays let the side down. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result doesn't help their play. Apart from maybe one kick to Tedesco all their other kicks...
  13. stanleyg

    Match Review Broncos V Doggies

    Doggies looked the better team but were undone by the Broncos tinny luck. Some iffy ref decisions but not a bad game to watch. The ground was another matter. For an ex graveyard it is a shocker. Way too much sand between the grass and any dirt underneath to hang onto so there ended up being...
  14. stanleyg

    Rugby League Broncos V Knights

    Good result for knights and their fans. Not so good for Broncos and their fans who basically are not used to losing. The club has virtually always proved "tinny" enough to jag a win when they look like a beaten side. Sacking an assistant coach isn't going to solve any issues the club may have...
  15. stanleyg

    Rugby League Round 4 - Sharks V Storm.

    It wasn't a good win by the Sharks who made a lot of errors and incurred way too many penalties. Unlike their usual result when this occurs they actually won. The Storm were even worse by their own standards than the Sharks were. Hopefully after another round or two the players will get the...
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    Rugby League EELS V PENRITH

    Still early days and it was pretty warm in the west today. The Eels started off like one of those new fangled electric Tesla cars. They blew the Choccy soldiers off at the lights. About the 30 minute mark the battery charge started to die and they went into limp home mode for the rest of the...
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    Rugby League Sharks V Cowboys

    Good result for the Cows. For the first game of the season Thurstons mob looked to be at their best. The Sharks on the other hand have a lot of room for improvement in their game. Like the Broncos the sharks discipline needs a lot of work probably because they were over keen to play. They need...
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    One Day win to England

    Great win by the poms. Out fielded, out batted and out bowled the Aussies who looked to still be in Test mode.
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    Rugby League EELS V BRONCOS

    Bazza should be pretty happy with the result if a little sad about 4 try Semi leaving for thugby. Good win by Parra although the Coach may be little unhappy about the points they leaked which otherwise was an emphatic victory. The Broncos looked anything like their "normal" selves and may have...
  20. stanleyg


    Not the most brilliant 300th game for Gallen. Both sides rushed plays and made mistakes but the Sharks made more......A lot more and one player back from a "broken hand" gave away his usual number of penalties which didn't help their cause. Broncos were playing well .......until Hunt came on and...