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  1. The Red V

    Remove Soward Now

    I know he is not the sole reason why we are not firing but I think with him signing with the Panthers for next year it is time to experiment and try something new. Bring in Drinkwater or one of the younger guys and give them a chance. I doubt they would be any worse. Lets try things this year so...
  2. The Red V

    NSW Halves 2013

    Starring down the barrell of 8 in a row who would be your halves. IMO it is between the following 6 players: 1. Mitchell Pearce - To me he is not a representative halfback. He struggles at times to be a NRL halfback. The only thing that goes in his favour is his defence is second to not many...
  3. The Red V

    Mike Cooper

    Not sure if there is any Warrington Wolves fans on here but when some sign up what is your opinion of Mike Cooper? Rumors are it won't be long before he is a Dragons so hopefully he is a good player.
  4. The Red V

    Signing and retentions

    Things are getting exciting if you are a Dragons supporter. Fresh on the back of finally getting rid of Jamie Soward we have signed Thompson and Widdop. There are also strong rumors that Dugan, if he can stay out of trouble, Mike Cooper from the Warrington Wolves, Rangi Chase and Feleti Mateo...