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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    Victoria lockdown: Pastoral Hotel Echuca pub fined over Covid-19 restriction breach | The Weekly Times (
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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    and this coming from a Labor chief Minister and a Labor state to the south letting their people leave to spread the bug.
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    News Olympics Games - News and Views 2012 / 2016 / 2021 / 2024 / 2028

    opening ceremony was pretty boring...BUT I did appreciate the back stories on it and the Drones were pretty effective as a display of technology
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    Rugby League Nth Qld - New Signings and News

    I didnt get to watch the game but I thought the Storm may have run up a much bigger scoreline. I sat through hours and hours of what I would have called the most boring olympic opening ceremony instead
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    News 2032 Olympic Games - Brisbane - Queensland

    not a bad idea given all the weird and wonderful sports they are admitting or having "display" events for in recent games. Of course there would be an even stronger movement for aerial ping pong as well I guess. Perhaps they could have an "origin" game as a demonstration sport event
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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    "outback" runways sadly are not the answer...what are you going to do ? land a plane and push the passengers out into the desert?. They are not "country shoppers" illegally entering the country and in order to service a quarantine you need medical facilities close by and a LOT of people to...
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    Rugby League 2021 Rabbitohs Rumours, Signings And News

    Clubs turn players over especially when they can’t see the value in a three year contract. dane isn’t the first and won’t be the last to leave a club because they dont get the length of contract they want. the knights could be a good fit for him and a better option than the broncos who have...
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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    Probably upmarket ganja
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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    They are NOT a blaming the “ multi cultural regions. certain regions are under lockdown and those inside are claiming it’s happening for cultural reasons. the facts are those areas have had breakouts of covid because people in them will not quarantine, isolate or social distance. when they get...
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    News 2032 Olympic Games - Brisbane - Queensland

    Qld might close the borders to keep the riff raff out.. Seeing he did such a good job with the Comm Games I wonder Beattie will get a management role?
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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    we had our 2nd AZ yesterday. slight headache for me and the missus said she felt very tired (which are possible side effects). much better today. those poor indians are doing it tough with hundreds of thousands dead and possibly more than a million covid related deaths. They are now having...
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    Rugby League NRL Round 19 - 2021 - Saints v GC Titans

    right...we play the Bunnies TWICE and the Choccies so are you going to roll over for us?. Ramsey in the centres for the Titans game? He is too light to be a centre and should be out on the wing BUT should not be used to run the ball back out from our line. The 2nd rowers need to get back for...
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    Rugby League Penrith - News, Signings and Rumours

    after to-ing and throwing and denying it appears Pangai is now going to play a few games for the choccy soldiers en route to his new club next season.
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    News Olympics - Soccer

    Our "girls" had a good game against the Kiwi "girls" but it came close to a draw shoot out at the end with the Kiwis coming back. They waved the indigenous flag about while the poms and chileans took a "knee" . One of our girls showed the Dragons how to make a "ball and all " tackle about the...
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    News Olympics 2021 - Olympics Competition Schedule

    There may not be enough people to contest events. we lost a few before the games team headed to Tokyo. we have now had an equestrian guy suspended due to a positive cocaine test. he is moaning that it was only a “ one off” use outside his sport. I am calling BS ….he would be a regular user for...