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    Team List 2020 NRL Season – Round 8 – Storm vs. Roosters

    Great finish to the game leading into the "golden point" J Friend however needs to get back on that that gal in the nursing homes drug scripts for valium. That rush of blood ruined an otherwise brilliant ending.
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    Opinion Laugh for the day.

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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    Its started all over again....Dunny paper worth more than gold.
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    Opinion Woolies thread

    Not a great couple of days for Woolies. Fined $1MILLION over sending out unwanted spam A Bangladeshi "TRAVELLER" allowed to return (when NO ONE outside the country should have been allowed to return) tests POSITIVE so isolated for TEN days (used to be 14) said he felt "fine" so the VICTORIANS...
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    Opinion Laugh for the day.

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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    it never hurts to hedge your bets when it comes to the "after life" if it exists Southy.
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    Rugby League Broncos - New Signings and News

    I am sure they will come good.....eventually . Bennett was right when he said he left a good playing roster and was happy to coach them until the end of 2020. Management however had stars in their eyes at the prospect of a new younger "coach of the season" opportunity Just because a coach may...
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    News Coronavirus - General News and Views !

    I thought there were four But apparently there were FIVE
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    Rugby League Round 8 - Saints v Canberra

    Again it all depends on which Dragons team turns up to play. The main things to take out of last weeks game was Offloads in the tackle opportunities were not taken Norman looked totally bereft of ideas in the halves with the in your face defence Saab not in position in defence. showed keenness...
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    Opinion WLF - Stats - Since 2011.

    I do like those Bunny Posters especially when Rooster Cogburn's team from the Junction is playing them
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    Opinion Politics: Comment & Opinions. WARNING: RUDE WORDS & DIFFERING VIEWS.

    The Democrats and their Antifa army ( a but like labor GET UP here) are playing all those BLM protestors for the break. Its all to better Bidens election chamces sadly and a lot of people are paying the price. The Seattle "autonomous zone or CHOP? FIVE shootings in two weeks and a Democrat...
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    Opinion FOOD THREAD

    got a ham hock and the missus made Gabure soup. Thick and bloody tasty with a italian bread roll picked up from a vietnamese bread shop. I have a young couple moved in next door and their rotty delights in growling or barking at me. I called him and gave him some of the ham hock fatty skin and...
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    Opinion Youtube - what are we watching?

    I watched "on the beach" an old black and white cold war movie. still relevant today