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  • Hi mate! I can't get onto LU due to an ERROR problem.
    When I try to access the w/site I get--"This site can't provide a secure connection."
    I think it's most probably a problem with my old Windows XP,which I refuse to dump, & its compatibility with Google Chrome!!??
    It gives the error as--ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH .
    Have you had any probs??

    Hi again. not sure if you like a punt or not.

    We have a Bookie on here - its free. All members get money - for posts etc.

    You can then have a bet.

    Its just a game - but can be fun - bragging rights.

    If you want - go into Bookie - up the top of the page and then just follow your nose. Otherwise ask me ... :)

    cheers - SJ
    Hi SS - welcome back !

    We've had a few come and go.

    Let me know if anything goes wrong or is annoying (except me of course ... :) ) .

    No limit on posts so go for it.
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