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    Team List 2020 NRL Season – Round 8 – Storm vs. Roosters

    Fantastic match. Really hard on the Morris boys to be on the losing side after that showing.
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    ESL GI to sign one year deal with Warrington

    65 years of pain! That's how long Warrington fans have been waiting for a championship. They choke more often than Linda Lovelace! GI is the latest in a long list of Aussies who were going to make it happen. Will he have any more success than the others? Time will tell, but I say no.
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    News Canberra Raiders - News and Views

    On the Raiders website, I see
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    News Canberra Raiders - News and Views

    Officially? Got a link for that?
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    ESL ESL News and Views - Such An Underrated Competition (Moto)

    Yeah. The technical term for these is the "best" teams. :D
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    Rugby League General - International Rugby League News

    So the Ashes Tests can't go ahead, but the Kangaroos can play a Mickey Mouse game against the All Blacks??
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    ESL ESL News and Views - Such An Underrated Competition (Moto)

    People are moaning about the venues, but the NRL has shown that home advantage counts for very little with no crowds.
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    Rugby League Round 7 - Panthers vs Rabbitohs: Thursday 25th June 7:50pm @Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

    Best side won. If Cleary hadn't had a rare off-day with the boot... To say the least, your halves combination does not look like championship form right now. I'm not a big fan of Reynolds, but to be fair, he seems to have a string of niggling injuries, and Walker only fires intermittently. I...
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    Rugby League NRL - News, Changes and Ideas !

    So does that Aussie at the Storm. The rules are the same for everyone. Regardless of nationality.
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    Rugby League Round 7 - Saints v Roosters

    Better from the Dragons. Dufty and Lomax again very good as last week. Roosters look a class above everyone else. Radley is a big loss, maybe mitigated to some extent when Liu returns. But I think they can cope. to be fair, the Roosters have been fairly fortunate with injuries this season.
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    Rugby League NRL - News, Changes and Ideas !

    One thing I think is getting out of hand is defenders lying the ruck. Players make a tackle and do not even attempt to clear the ruck. many seem to adopt a kneeling position. Praying they won't be penalised? They need not worry. Refs don't penalise it, and dummy-halves just have to put up with...
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    News Round 6 - Saints v GC Titans (Away)

    Well he should do. That seemed to be the turning point; when Thompson went off. Very good again from Lomax and Dufty, Saints need to hang onto those two. Although they look better with Hunt at dummy-half, Norman doesn't do enough for me.
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    Rugby League NRL: 2020 Other Matches/Rounds

    Panthers v Storm: Cracking contest. 👍
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    Rugby League NRL - News, Changes and Ideas !

    Yes, I watch. You think it's self-evidently a bad thing. I disagree.
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    Rugby League NRL - News, Changes and Ideas !

    As far as ball-steals are concerned, that one *is* always going to be a matter of judgement, but put it this way, I certainly wouldn't want 'loose carries' to go out of the game. The ball-carrier has to take some responsibility for its retention, and the ref has to draw the line between the ball...